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Candico is actively engaged in Contract manufacturing / Private labeling for numerous International and Indian Companies. With its automated, state of the art, computer controlled machinery and large capacity it has the capability to manufacture almost every single type of Candy, Toffee, Gum, Soft Chew and Compressed Powdered Tablet. Candico also provides complete end to end solutions for its clients, from gum base and flavors to primary and secondary packing materials.

The Candico manufacturing facility at Nagpur, due to the substantial amount of capital investment and the superior technology used in the manufacturing process is the only plant in the country that is capable of manufacturing the entire range of confectionary product in each one of the existing categories.

1) Toffees: Centre filled, Non Centre filled
2) Candies: Centre filled, Non Centre filled
3) Gums: Bricks, Balls, Sticks
4) Soft chews: Aerated, Non-aerated
5) Compressed
powder tablets

Candico’s clients both current and prior are a testament to the levels of professionalism undertaken by our corporation in carrying out contract manufacturing. Some of our past clients have been those that we were directly competing with in the market while we were advising them on how to reduce costs of competing products that we were manufacturing for them at the time.  A great example of that was when we were marketing Candico’s Minto while also manufacturing Nestle’s Polo a substitutable product.

Candico’s current and prior clients include  

  •    Milk toffee for their range of ice creams.  


  •   Polo®, Splash®, Toffo®.  


  •   Fruit pop®, Fruit roll®, Am Ras®,Gulkand®, Chumma Chumma®, Dishum®.


  •  ITC Minto  
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