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Sancorp Eurobase is a JV Between the Sancorp group and the Eurobase Company, Belgium.


Eurobase is " the world's leading independent Gum Base producer." Eurobase has a long history and its Gum Base know-how has been accumulated over the years. Its Gum Bases are available to gum producers all over the world.

Sancorp Eurobase

The Sancorp Eurobase joint venture was formed to bring Eurobase's technical skills into India and provide the Eurobase company with an alternate low cost manufacturing base. Despite representations in most major countries, Sancorp Eurobase remains the only Gum Base factory operating on foreign shores without direct managerial control of Eurobase. Sancorp Eurobase can boast of a sound technical base having technical advice and expertise from Eurobase International N.V, Belgium. The plant is completely equipped for efficient production. A full fledged pilot plant is available for production trail and finalisaziation of the base. 

It is a testament to the relationship shared by both the partners, and the operating style and performance achievements of Sancorp Eurobase that Eurobase has never found it necessary to expand its managerial control.

At present Sancorp Eurobase is India's largest Gum Base manufacturer and provides Gum Base to numerous Indian, SAARC and African companies.

for more details visit : http://www.sancorpeurobase.com

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