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Sancorp is associated with Curt Georgi Company, Germany.

Curt Georgi: is one of the leading producers of flavours and fragrances in the world. Curt Georgi started the production of essential oils and colours in 1875 and members of his family continue to run the company today.

Sancorp Curt Georgi:
The Sancorp Curt Georgi association was formed to bring the formidable technical skills of Curt Georgi into India so that confectionery companies in India (Candico and others) could have access to world class flavours and fragrances. Apart from facilitating the availability of these products in India, Sancorp Curt Georgi has also ensured that international technology is matched with Indian manufacturing costs to provide world-class products at Indian prices.

At present, Sancorp Curt Georgi provides flavours to numerous Indian companies and also processes export orders for the SAARC and African markets.

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