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Candico regularly enters into cross-promotional deals with other FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) companies to offer joint promotions to its consumers. Candico has entered into joint promotions with a number of large international and domestic corporations to jointly promote our product lines.

Given that our associate partners have usually brought to the table brands that also have good brand recall in the child / teen audiences, combined promotions have traditionally been very successful for Candico

We did a cross promotion with the Coca Cola company, where free samples of Drum Beat and Minto mini were given to every consumer who had purchased a bottle of Coke.  This scheme was later expanded to include a free Minto Roll.


Another cross promotion was undertaken with the Power2youth corporation, where gift hampers of Candico's products were distributed to the winners of their online contests.


A cross promotion was also entered into with Nirula's, where a free sample of Minto Mini was distributed with every take away order.

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